Brown BLW Fantastic C5959 (RAAA# 3527623)

Lead off Red Angus bull in Spring 2017 Bull Sale. Has as much potential to be a major breed impact sire as RA Brown has ever sold with a number of economical relevant epds ranking him in the top 1% of the breed.

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  • 20 - 40 Units @ $60 Each
  • 50 Units @ $50 Each
  • Commercial Pricing Available
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  • Leased to Genex
  • Intrepid is backed by the great HXC Patricia Rose 102Y, and is one of the most feed efficient sires tested in the R.A. Brown system.
  • Intrepid has the pedigree and physique to sire outstanding, profitable females that thrive in any environment.
  • Semen $25 per straw




 Brown AA Prestigious Brown B5153 (RAAA# 1694577)

  • Leased to Select Sires
  • The Lot 1 feature bull from the 2015 R.A. Brown sale
  • The stoutest-featured Red Angus bull we’ve ever come across
  • Wide-based and loaded with muscle, with as much rib shape you’ll find anywhere
  • Top 10% or better for nine traits of economic importance
  • Check out his video !
  • Semen $25 per straw


LSF RHO Night Focus 76B (RAAA# 1725295)

  • Maximum profit bred in regardless of how you use him !
  • Top  7% CED,  Top 8% WW, Top 8% YW, Top 7% MB, Top 4% Herdbuilder, and Top 6% Gridmaster !
  • Bred to be a sleep all night calving ease sire with a whole lot more !
  • Semen $20 per straw

Contact Rodney @ 214-534-3194 or